On Tuesday, we have no class, and you can spend the time preparing for the exam and the two remaining groups can prepare their presentations. Groups should avoid creating presentations where they are reading lots of words on the screen. For these final presentations, it would be best to just do them as a leaded discussion, so that the classmates can also talk about the materials. Never ask opinion questions, instead, make sure questions are sociological in nature.

On Thursday, the exam will be at the same time as class, and you can take it on any computer and log into Blackboard. You will find the exam button on the left menu option side. The exam will appear only during the class time. There are 50 multiple choice, true/false questions, and they will come in order one at a time, with no backtracking. Your score should be available immediately. If you have any problems, email me, but I may be unable to respond right away.