Untitled1Welcome to Sociology of the Family 130. During this first week of class please read through the syllabus throughly, looking over all assignments, grading requirements, and the upcoming schedule. Be sure you are enrolled in Blackboard and able to access the readings there. You will be assigned to a group in Blackboard as well, let me know if that doesn’t show up.

Icebreakers1) In pairs of two or three students, introduce the other student by listing their name, major, year, and one way in which their family is (statistically) average/mainstream and one way in which their family is (statistically) unique.

2) In groups at your table, choose one social institution to examine. Discuss the ways in which this institution would be addressed differently by sociologists versus psychologists. How does this institution intersect with issues related to demographics and social power.

Class on Thursday, September 10th is canceled. In order to repair for class on September 15th, Tuesday, please establish your own WordPress.com account and begin learning how to create your own website, chose a design and title it. Create a page (see difference between page and posts) called Biography and post a picture of yourself. Begin drafting the biography assignment that we will go over in class on the 15th. Check out the following clips as examples for what to focus on:

  • Documentary Clips: Yo Soy Boricua and Family Name
    think about your own family, ethnic and cultural identity, and demographic background
  • September 17: My family background

Include the following: Your full name, major, year, extra-curricular activities. Have an opening into your story and a sociological theme about your family identity that you follow. Talk about demographics (gender, race, religion, ethnicity, location, class, etc.), institutions (education, government, military, economy, medical, etc.), and social power dynamics (how is power exercised in your family and how do you learn about it), as it relates to your story. List as many as you can, in detail. How does the stories in the documentaries Family Name and Yo Soy Boricua resonate with your own? What is sociologically significant about your family? Mention some statistics related to your family, in order to contextualize it. (Include links, pictures, and videos).


Each posting should include a minimum word count (500) and include links. The grading will be based on how well written it is (7 points) and the inclusion of appropriate, quality links (3 points).

Be sure to read the syllabus fully before our next class meeting. We may have a brief pop quiz over the syllabus. Make sure you understand the assignments, readings, and Blackboard.

Please do come to class having the readings, having notes on the readings, and speaking points about your response to the readings and questions.

Here’s some interesting article(s) that cover topics related to the sociological imagination. 

10 Insidious Ways White Supremacy Shows Up in Our Everyday Lives

Time Wise: White Privilege, Racism, White Denial & The Cost of Inequality

The Structure of Social Groups (definitions)

(Group discussion: Be ready to define/example any of the following terms)

Social organization
Social structure
Social relationship
Master status
Social control
Social group
Primary group
Secondary group
“iron cage” of rationality
the group affects perceptions
the group affects convictions
the group affects health and life
the group affects behavior
social system
social stratification