On Tuesday, group 1 will give their presentation on foster care and adoption. Their presentation and information will be posted here in this blog posting comments. You can access their Prezi here. Their presentation information will be on the exam, so you can check back here as a study guide as well.

A few highlights of their presentation:

  • Foster care is temporary whereas adoption is permanent
  • African American children are 41% of foster care population, whites 40%, Hispanic 15%
  • 21% of adoptions are transracial
  • Reasons for adoption: infertility, desire more children, parent was adopted themselves, couple has previously adopted a child, single individuals who want children
  • Same sex couples face institutional discrimination; Florida is the only state to outright ban same sex couples, other states limit adoption to married couples
  • Types of adoptions: public, private, kinship, step parent, transracial, international

We will also watch the beginning of the documentary Aging Out. Individuals who turn 18 while in foster care are those who are “aging out.” The numbers range from 20-30 thousand per year, out of a total foster care population of 400,000.

There is a really interested documentary about international surrogacy called “Google Baby” that shows the world of bringing together sperm, eggs, and surrogate women who live in India and produce babies that are genetically of their mother and father adopting couples.