In class on Tuesday, October 7, we will be covering four articles that discuss research about both marriage and divorce. While the divorce rate in the United States hoovers around 50% for first marriages, it is not a random happening, but based influenced by particular sociological issues. Our discussion will be based on this that covers the four articles.

If interested in Stephanie Coontz’s discussion on the history of marriage, see the following video:

The Gottman Institute is a renowned organization that studies and presents on issues of relationship and marriage satisfaction. Their claim is the ability to predict whether a couple will divorce or not, based on laboratory observations of how couples fight and resolve conflict. In addition, while researchers agree that marriages are based on different perspectives (each couple member) and on good and bad aspects of the relationship. For Gottman, he feels that couples need a ration of five positive traits for each negative trait in order to have a happy, healthy, and long lasting marriage.

In this video, John Gottman talks about their research on “the masters” of relationships.


On Thursday, we will have our exam take place in class.