On Thursday the 25, we will briefly review some points on teen pregnancy.

We will also turn to our next assignment, a blog posting about online dating, focusing on the business aspects of the industry, niche markets, statistics and so on. Please do look for some social science type articles on the topic, which can be academic or websites that are based on research.


This week in class, we will be discussing issues of sexuality and youth. On Blackboard, please find and read the articles, “Avenue to Adulthood,” and “Hooking Up and Dating: A Comparison.” Come to class ready to discuss these articles. Bring your notes and talking points. This Prezi overviews the book Destinies of the Disadvantaged: The Politics of Teen Childbearing, by Frank F. Furstenberg.

Feminist filmmaker Therese Shechter analyzes the social construction of the idea of female virginity in her documentary, How to Lose Your Virginity. This website provides sex education for teens: scarleteen.

Paula England is a preeminent researcher on the hookup culture among college students across the country at 18 public and private universities.

The short documentary below, Slutwalk: A Day in Her Heels, overviews the activism behind the North American Slutwalk movement, which addresses the issue of rape culture. What percentage of women and men will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18? For American women, how many will be sexually abused during their lifetime? See statistics here at WOAR