On the first day of class, we will jump in to group discussions that explore definitions of sociology and topics related to the family. 

In groups, please discuss these questions and report back to the class. Feel free to use the computers to assist you. 

Group 1: What is the difference between psychology and sociology (areas of research, theories, perspectives, etc.) 

Group 2: What are social institutions? What are their significance sociologically?

Group 3: What are examples of how institutions influence family formation or issues?

Group 4: How are families represented in the media? What is the social impact of these representations?

Group 5: What is the relationship between identity and family?  


Be sure to write down or keep track of this website in order to check the syllabus, plans for each day of class, assignments, and so on. 


For next class, think about what you can write about your identity (gender, race, nationality, socio-economic class, geographic location, etc.) as it relates to your relationship to the idea of family in general, and your family in particular. In class, we will watch clips from documentaries exploring identity. You will write your first blog post as a comment on the class blog after the second day of class, and you can start the assignment in class. Be sure to save it as a Word document in your dropbox.