Please view this Edward Bernays video, or else watch one of the short clips below. We will spend the next several class periods working on a project about marketing products. The first thing we will do is explore and research who Edward Bernays was and his work on marketing. Please look up as much information on him as you can find, including both academic as well as online sources. We will create a page for this assignment. You can
begin your page with information on Bernays. Include a written introduction to Bernays at the beginning of the storify, and introduce each link in your own words. Include a summary about his
work in your own words (!), with your own insight. Include a variety of links: videos, webpage, and at least one academic source (book, academic article).

Also watch Consuming Kids:

Next: pick a product, an idea(ology), or a genre of products. This
product should be something that you yourself do not consume, and you
are encouraged to pick a product that is from a different country,
culture, subculture, or something with which we are all not familiar.
(Do not pick the Iphone!!) Do some research on this object:

1) What are the global statistics on this product (# sold, $$ amount earned)? What company owns
this product? What company owns that company? Find out what the parent
company is, at the very top? How much money is spend on marketing it
in the world? Domestically? How much is spent by consumers purchasing
the product? During which years was this product popular?

2) How is this product marketed as far as selling desire? What
fantasy/desire is being sold along with this product? How do people
incorporate this product into the fantasy of themselves? In the
material reality of their life? How is this product used? What is its
social image?

3) How does this product fit into Bernays‘ philosophy of marketing?
What would he say? How would consumers respond?

4) Pick a second product that is either something that you yourself are inventing, or pick an historical product that is long outdated. Describe and show the marketing around this product. Who was the target market, how large were they, how were they reached?

FORMAT: Create a page titled something combining your
product, desire, and Bernays‘ philosophy. Have an introductory
paragraph about Bernays. Have a second paragraph introducing your
product/ideology and how it relates to Bernays. Have a summary of your (“I am going to show, a, b, c…”.). Have a conclusion
that overviews your presentation and your perspective (have a strong
argument that you are making! “I am arguing X!”). This should be a total of 250 words, your own discussion between links. Please have a critical analysis of the topic and an overview, and argument; do not just summarize the next link and next link. 

We will present some of these in class during our final days…

For an example of the marketing and “desire” around a product, check
out the movie Narco Cultura (Netflix), which demonstrates the rise and
marketing of narcocorridos, a popular Mexican/American music.

We will workshop this project for one or two days in class and then present. This can be considered the final project for the semester.