presenter5768x1024 Conference Preparation (10)

On April 12, 2014, we will be attending the Sociology Student Symposium. Please attend the conference, as much as you can, between 10-5pm. You will write a 300 word minimum summary/response to what you saw, be sure to include details such as presenters’ names, titles, content, and so on. Also try to include photos/videos that you took at the event. You can upload these to a website such as and post a link to the set. Post these responses and photo links to the response page on the symposium website here AND create a blog post on your website. If you cannot attend the event, you can review a minimum of five student online research websites and that can be the basis of your review. You can find online student presentations here. These posts are due before the next following class period.

Be sure to attend the keynote lunch in the norm at 1pm!

I still need volunteers for the breakfast and lunch shift, please email me to volunteer.

The format for the posting: Have an introductory “story,” image or concept that provides a unifying theme for your post. Second, provide an overview for your post, including an outline of the topics/presentations you will be covering. (“In this post, I will be focusing on the issue of…”). For example, you might want to focus on panels with a similar theme. (“I will be showing, a, b and then c…”). Have your voice lead the discussion, rather than a summary of presentations, include your perspective and critique. Have a conclusion, (“in this post, I have demonstrated x, y and z… Therefore, my summary point is…”). Here is a link to the images that I took on my iphone at the conference,… You can also see a posting of this summary on my website… Include your name in your posting. In your discussion, include full academic citations (both in text and a bibliography) of at least three academic sources (these sources can be based on your own research, our class readings, or the sources that the presenter cites).

300-500 words minimum
3 academic sources minimum
link to photos/videos you took at conference
post your symposium response on BOTH your website and on the symposium blog (not our class blog).