Our webpages on “Socio-Economic Status and Inequality” are due. Please post a link to yours, along with your name and a one sentence description in the comments section below. We will also have an article to read for class on Blackboard, “Social Stratification, Inequality, and Poverty.” In class, already watched the documentary Inequality for All, by Robert Reich. Be ready to have an in-depth conversation about the chapter and relate your research website to the topic as well. Some of you will be called upon to talk about your webpage on inequality. See Prezi on this discussion here.

We will have a group exercise project:

Group 1: Class and Inequality

Defining the working-class, middle-class and upper-income class by income, wealth, social status, and so on. Please list as many defining traits as you can so as to demarcate where the division is between these three classes. Please use the computer to do any necessary research. Lead the class in an activity to define three economic classes, focuses especially on cultural capital (aka Bourdieu) status markers.

Group 2: The Poverty Line

How was the poverty line developed? Outline this history. What was the argument for this? How has it kept up with the times and inflation? What measures do other developed nations utilized? How are these different? Research on the web, post links on class blog.

Group 3: Living in Poverty

The poverty line for a family of 4 is X. How does a family live on this income? Please figure out how much income this is, and then all the expenses a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) would need in order to live on a monthly basis, after taxes. Look up expenses and be as accurate as possible. Craigslist for an apartment, etc.