social-media-researchDuring this next section of our course, you will be completing the first two “pages” of your research website, entitled, “Sociological Questions,” and “Research Methods.” These pages should explore the following topics:

  • Sociological questions

What are your main sociological questions on this topic? How do demographics, power and institutions relate to your topic? What are your hypotheses? Why is this question sociologically significant?

  • Research methods

What research methods have sociologists used to study this topic in the past? What methods would you use if you were doing a more in-depth research project on this topic? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various methods in relation to this topic?

Since this is a website, and not a written research paper, each website page should have embedded links, pictures, video clips, and links to the sources used. Each page must cite at a minimum of 5 academic sources, so please link to these sources, use proper in-text citation, and include a full reference list at the bottom of the page, in either MLA or Chicago Manual formats. Please post links to both pages in the comments section below. They are due by the beginning of class.

Please read the article entitled, “Studying the Social World,” and be ready to discuss it in class, as well as your two websites. Here is a Prezi covering the main ideas of this article.
Further resources include:
American Sociological Association’s code of ethics
Institutional Review Board at Siena College