hooking upThe article “Avenue to Adulthood,” is chock full of information and statistics. Please review this carefully. What does the article say is the most important social issue promoting teen pregnancy? What is the US teen pregnancy rate? How does it compare internationally? How do the intersections of race and class impact teen pregnancy?

We will also ready the article from our textbook, “Hooking Up and Dating: A Comparison.” What did the author have to say on the topics of: sex, the rules, love, the group, alcohol, status, adulthood, and continuing gender inequality? Please watch the following videos before class. If possible, watch the entire documentary “Understanding Hookup Culture” by Paula England. Be ready to discuss. We will get into pairs to discuss the ten different sections of the articles. You can find a link or video that represent the issue covered in your particular section. Please also come up with three different discussion questions that cover the following topics as they relate to your issue: 1) Institutions, 2) Demographics, and 3) Power (never ask questions that begin with “what do you think about?…”).

Statistics on teen pregnancy by state

International comparison

Statistics on sex education by state

Article: Let’s Not Panic Over Women With More Education Having Fewer Kids

Class Prezi on teen pregnancy and hook up culture.