sheepDuring the second week of the course, we will jump into two foundational chapters:  The Sociological Perspective and The Structure of Social Groups. Please read these chapters throughly and be ready to discuss in class.

“The Sociological Perspective” covers foundational ideas and key terms in the field of sociology. Students will be assigned two key terms to explain to the class. Take your key term, create two sociological memes (using humor, as memes do) for each term. Post these on your website, as a “post” (not a page) titled “The Sociological Perspective.” On your post, include a short description of the chapter, the assignment, and insert your images. We can use Final Cut Pro or other photo editing software to create our memes, or use a meme generator.

globalHere are the terms that students will be assigned:

Sociology is frightening because of its insights

Street sociologist

Auguste Compte

Emile Durkheim

Karl Marx

Max Weber

Sociological questions: comparative, historical, and why are things this way? 

Sociological theory

Value neutrality

Survey research

Longitudinal survey



Existing data

Social determinism

Human agency

Sociological imagination


Social facts

False consciousness

Class consciousness

Class conflict



Control group 

Finally, please also answer this online survey about a Media Studies Certificate Program at Siena:


Your blog posting script should be something like this:

Title: The Sociological Perspective

URL address:

The article assigned today was The Sociological Perspective. Include here a 3 sentence description of the article. From this article, I selected the term, “x”. The text describes this term as….

Below are two memes I created to represent the concept I am exploring.

In the first meme…….. describe choice of image and words.

In the second meme……


Here is another tool to help us merge images: