During this week in class, we will be talking about the politics of birthing in the United States. We will watch the documentary The Business of Being Born. We will read a chapter called, “The Childfree Stigma.” We will also have a group research exercise. Each group can create a storify.com page, please embed your links so that the images come through.

Group 1: General statistics on birthing techniques and costs in the United States. Compare the US to several other countries in the world on the same measures.

Group 2: Insurance companies and their profits, both in the United States and in other comparable countries, related to birth. Do they cover natural births? What are the rates, what is provided, etc.?

Group 3: Maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States and in other countries, please included both developed and undeveloped countries.

Group 4: Natural birth and midwives: in which states is midwifery legal and illegal. What is the status of midwifery in the United States? How are they regulated? What percentage of births are they in charge of in the United States.

Group 5: Natural birth and midwives in other countries in the world, not including the United States. Facts and figures.

Group 6: Parental leave in the United States and other countries after a birth. Be sure to include rates, time period, and if the leave is available for both fathers and mothers.