student-presentation-nccIn this next section in our course, we will have student presentations. On the 18th, we will work on our presentations in class. We will review and your topics. Please pick a topic related to the family and be very narrow and specific in your example.

Instructions from syllabus:

Family Sociology Topic Presentation (20 points): Pick a topic that is not covered in the course (look ahead in the syllabus & discuss with me), but related to the family. Analyze this topic sociologically: related institutions, sociologists, and what methodologies have been used? Relate your presentation to the course overall. Use Post your presentation to the blog posting for that day/assignment. Be sure to include your name and a brief abstract overviewing your presentation, including the full citation of any quoted materials. presentation format: Your presentation should be accessible (make it public viewing, not the default private) online and during your presentation. You should include both written text and visual images. However, for your presentation, only the visual images should be visible, as you will be speaking the text (not reading!). However, for those viewing online, they should be able to click on the text (not part of the path), in order to read it. For any quotations, include the citation in the same frame, never have a list of references at the end. You must cite 2-3 academic sources (Journal article, book, chapter in anthology).

Grading: Topic related to the family but not covered in the syllabus (2), sociological analysis of the topic (6), discuss methods (3), previous research (3), quality presentation (6).

The presentation should be from 5-7 minutes. We will work on this in class.

You can write a paper instead for a minimum of 4 pages.

Due dates: September 24 & 26 (in alphabetical order by last name).