In class on Tuesday, September 10, we will be thinking about the topic of our family identities. We will start the class with a short writing exercise about our own identities and family histories. How are our families’ identities socially located? How does that influence your personal outlook?

Then we will watch parts of two documentaries:

Family Name & Yo Soy Boricua! Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas:

Updates: Class on 9/19 is back on schedule. Please return all of your textbooks, the bookstore has stocked a version different than the one I assigned. I will make all readings available online.

Next class (9/12/13): read “Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective” on Blackboard. Come to class will examples to discuss based on the material. We will have an in-class writing exercise about the topic covered in class. You can post links to online examples on the blog posting for that class period.