Untitled1Welcome to Sociology of the Family, Fall 2013. On the first day of class we will review the syllabus. Be sure to overview the syllabus on your own time and ask me any questions you have on the material. My email is Bthompson@siena.edu.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the assigned textbook Families in Transition (it is okay to get 16th edition for this semester).

We will do an icebreaker activity where we get into pairs and introduce each other by listing one way in which our families are unusual and one way in which our families are typical.

Please think about what sociology does as an academic perspective. How is it different than psychology? What are topics that a sociologist might research? How would they go about that research?

In the future, you can interact with the class online by posting comments on the posts for that particular class period. Please practice now by placing a quote in the section below with links to topics related to sociology of the family. Also please register an account with the following websites: