IMG_3018Over the next two class periods, we will have the student presentations. Here are the guidelines from the syllabus:

Sociology Theory Presentation (10 points): Pick a topic that is not covered in the course (look ahead in the syllabus), but related to the family. Analyze this topic sociologically, including how various social institutions intersect with this topic. How have other sociologists studied this topic and who are they, and what methodologies have been used? Relate your presentation to the two introductory chapters.

Grading: sociological topic related to the family (2), talk about two related social institutions (2), possible method used to explore topic (2), a sociologist who has studied this topic (2), quality presentation (2).

Due: February 7th & 12th (in alphabetical order by last name).

AFTER you have presented your topic in class, please post a one paragraph summary, along with you name, in the comment section below. This will provide an overview of the student presentations and the range of topics that were explored.