In this next section of our course, we will have three different guest speakers joining us.

On Tuesday, November 27, we will have Jenny Nigro, from Unity House join us to talk about domestic violence in relationships. Since its inception in 1971, Unity House has grown to meet the increasing needs of those living in Rensselaer County and surrounding communities. Providing crisis intervention, advocacy, skills teaching, information, resources, encouragement and support, Unity House continues to help disadvantaged people lead productive and healthy lives. [Powerpoint Presentation: dv101]

On Thursday, November 29th, we will have Hawk Stone join us to talk about transgender issues within the family. Hawk is  an internationally recognized expert in transgender care with 25 years experience working with transsexual, transgender and gender variant people of all ages, especially young gender variant children, and their families. When someone is contemplating a gender transition it is his approach to work with the whole family as everyone transitions in a gender transition. He also has a solid record of success in workplace transitions for clients and have a consulting practice just for workplace transitions. He works with lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals,  assisting in the coming out process. [Handouts: Common terms 8.12 & Disclosure workshop,11_12]

On Tuesday, December 4th, we will be joined by Brian Frank, from Lambda Family Circle. Lambda Family Circle is a social and support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) families in the greater Capital Region area of New York State. They provide social gatherings, a sense of community, and information for connecting to other resources for GLBT families.

During the guest speaker presentations, be sure to take excellent notes, as their talk will be on our final exam. Please also be prepared to ask a question of the speaker. You can look over their website before class and come to class ready to talk about the issues at hand.