On October 9th, we will be talking about the shifting gender role norms of men and women in American families. We have four articles assigned, and I would each group to cover one of the articles. Please be able to identify the main thesis statement of the article, overview the argument, and describe the sociological issues apparent in the article (identify institutions, power dynamics, social norms/pressures, etc). Also come up with at least two sociological discussion questions that discuss institutions and power. Please bring laptops to class to assist in your group work. We will review our course Prezi, which outlines the main points of the articles as well.

Group 1: Textbook: Gerson, Falling Back on Plan B, 102-116
Group 2: Risman: “A ‘Stalled’ Revolution or a Still Unfolding One? 408-412
Group 3: Textbook: Kefalas, Furstenberg, & Napolitano, Marriage Is More Than Being Together, p. 172-189
Group 4: Risman: Women’s Money Matters, 426-430
Risman: Men’s Changing Contribution to Family Work, 393-401

Please also watch this video by Stephanie Coontz and take notes. What stood out to you about this video? Post your response below, and be ready to talk about it in class.