Please review the course Prezi on teen pregnancy and sexuality. During the next two class periods, we will be covering the topic of teen sexuality and pregnancy. On Thursday September 20th, We will watch the documentary The Education of Shelby Knox, about teen activist Shelby Knox, as she struggles to have sex education and a Gay/Straight Alliance organization accepted into her high school in Texas during the Bush era. On Tuesday, September 25th, we will be covering six articles related to teen sexuality and pregnancy in our groups. Each group will be responsible for summarizing the main points of the article and coming up with discussion questions about “power’ and “institutions” and how these concepts relate to your chapter. Each student should find a current newspaper article related to your article and post a link in the comments section, along with a description.

Group 1: prepare for your presentation
Group 2: Textbook: Talbot, Red Sex, Blue Sex, p. 154-160
–      Risman: “Why is Everyone Afraid of Sex?” p. 120-130
Group 3: Raley: “Avenue to Adulthood,” p. 338-350
–      Textbook: Bogle, Hooking Up and Dating: A Comparison, p. 134-154
Group 4: Elliott, Not My Kid, “3: Negotiating the Erotic,” p. 47-62
–      Elliott, Not My Kid, “6: Anxious Monitoring,” p. 99-117

On Tuesday September 25th, our written response #1 will be due in class. Be sure to bring a hard copy and be ready to talk briefly about your paper topic. Also on Tuesday September 25th, we still need extra credit volunteers to show us how to use Prezi and Xtranormal. Be ready to show us in about 5 minutes how to use the program’s basic features. If you would like to volunteer, please email me.