On Thursday, we will be looking at chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the book Parenting Out of Control: Anxious Parents in Uncertain Times, by Margaret K. Nelson. Please ready through the chapters and look over the Prezi. While reading the chapters, feel free to post links below with any online sources relevant for our discussion (YouTube videos, websites, newspaper articles, etc.). We will be talking about the chapters in class.

We will also take time to get into our groups, meet our group members, and talk about our upcoming presentations. Each group will be assigned to present a chapter to the class. Have your group ready to discuss the thesis statement of the article, and break the chapter down into sociological discussion questions (each person should have a discussion question for the chapter).

Group 1: talk about your upcoming presentation
Group 2: chapter 5
Group 3: chapter 6
Group 4: chapter 7

Also be sure to have an idea for your upcoming paper ready to discuss. You can bring in a short written description of your topic.