Xtranormal.com Animation on Family Topic (25 points):Select a topic NOT covered in class, on which you will conduct research. Select two academic journal articles found on the online library database JSTOR. You can include one NY Times article in place of an academic article in order to select issues that are more current.  Quote both of these articles in your video, citing journal name, author, or title of article. The video should be a conversation between two people that are enacting a social issue. You will utilize the animation website xtranormal.com to bring your report alive. Export your video to YouTube and embed the video on the class blog. The video should be 2-4 minutes in length.

Due date: April 16. For the blog posting, include a title of your video, a 100-word summary of the topic and argument, an MLA format list of your two citations under “works cited,” and embed your video by exporting to YouTube and posting link. You will present your video in class.

Points will be based on the following criteria: 1) The quality of dialogue between characters and how interesting the topic is of the particular social issues at hand (10 points), 2) proper citation of 2 academic sources/NYTimes article by having the character speak the journal name, author, or article name (5 points), 3) time limit (5 points), 4) topic not covered in class (5 points)