For blog #5 (due April 4, before class), we will be examining the ways in which the government comes to regulate the family. On March 19th, we will have guest speaker Dr. Brian Frank, a member of the Lambda Family Circle, a social organization for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender families in the Capitol Region. He will talk about the ways in which GLBT families are affected by the state, including adoption, marriage, and health insurance regulations. In particular, he will discuss his personal story of foster care and adoption. On Wednesday, March 21, we will attend the lecture by Sassafras Lowrey at 4pm in RB 202. In the United States, 40% of homeless youth identify as GLBT. Sassafras Lowrey will discuss how their parents often kicked them out after discovering their sexual orientation. On Wednesday, March 28, we will have guest speaker Dacey Bonney, from the Unity House, discussing the cycle of domestic violence and state intervention. On April 2nd, we will watch the documentary War on the Family, which presents the experiences of mothers who were incarcerated. For the blog posting, please discuss two different ways in which the state enforces certain types of family structures. Be sure to cite at least two of the assigned articles and some of the guest speakers or documentary. The articles include:

  • Textbook: Stacey, Gay and Lesbian Families, p. 496-518
  • Risman: Domestic Violence in Heterosexual Relationships, 435-447
  • Textbook: Travis, Prisoners’ Families and Children, p. 519-536