For blog #4 (due March 26, 6pm), we will write about our guest speaker and some of the assigned articles. Dr. Brian Frank, a member of the organization Lambda Family Circle, will be joining our class on March 19th to talk with us about social issues regarding gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender families in New York State. Draw out parallels between Dr. Frank’s lecture, and at least two of the assigned articles below. Be sure to include links to further relevant information.

–      Textbook: Stacey, Gay and Lesbian Families, p. 496-518
–      Textbook: Kefalas, Furstenberg, & Napolitano, Marriage Is More Than    Being Together, p. 172-189
–      Textbook: Hays, The Mommy Wars, p. 41-60
–      Risman: Women’s Money Matters, 426-430
–      Risman: Men’s Changing Contribution to Family Work, 393-401
–      Textbook: Cowan & Cowan, New Families, p. 261-281
–      Risman: “The Case for Divorce,” and other articles 159-181