For the next section of the course, for which you will complete blog #3, we will be discussing various pathways to parenthood—or to a childfree lifestyle—for families. We will study natural birth, hospital birth, reproductive technologies, and the childfree choice. For the blog posting, check which articles/documentaries are assigned for your class (MW or M). We will be watching two documentaries, The Business of Being Born as well as Maybe Baby. In your blog posting, follow a particular birth issue that relates to the assigned material. Be sure to include MLA in-text citations (Author last name page number).

See syllabus for the upcoming assignment: “student paper presentation: 2 minute argument on a family topic.” Be sure to begin your research by finding relevant academic journal articles on JSTOR (library website). Be ready to announce your topic in class, including what your argument will be.

M 130-7E

  • Textbook: Gerson, Falling Back on Plan B, 102-116

–      Risman: “A ‘Stalled’ Revolution or a Still Unfolding One? 408-412

–      Movie: The Business of Being Born

–      Goodwin: Robertson, Commerce and Regulation in the Assisted Reproduction Industry, 191-207 (Blackboard)

–      Defago: Chapter 2: The Childfree Stigma, p. 21-35 (Blackboard)