For the next section of our course, we will be looking at early sexuality and social policy. Please check your syllabus for particular due dates and articles, as there is a discrepancy during this section between the two courses. In class, we will watch the documentary The Education of Shelby Knox. We will also be looking at the following articles (Monday night class does not have to include the last two article in this posting, as they will be in your next posting). In your posting, be sure that you are not simply summarizing the articles and movie. Instead, take one theme (i.e., homosexuality, religion, patriarchal control of women’s sexuality, societal fear of sex, etc.) and follow this theme through various texts. How do the various articles address this theme? What is the larger sociological messages behind this theme? What does this say about our society? Be sure to include links to additional information that you may share with the class. Be sure to include a discussion of the movie and at least two other articles, and include your MLA citation of all quotes and inferences (Last name page number). We will discuss all articles in class.

–      Textbook: Talbot, Red Sex, Blue Sex, p. 154-160
–      Risman: “Why is Everyone Afraid of Sex?” Pepper Schwartz 120-130  (Bb)
–      Coontz reader: 23: Avenue to Adulthood, Gabrielle Raley, p. 338-350 (Bb)
–      Textbook: Bogle, Hooking Up and Dating: A Comparison, p. 134-154
–      Textbook: Casper & Bianchi, Cohabitation, p. 161-172
–      Textbook: Gerson, Falling Back on Plan B, 102-116
–      Risman: “A ‘Stalled’ Revolution or a Still Unfolding One? 408-412  (Bb)

Also, instead of talking about The Education of Shelby Knox, you can discuss these other two movies:

Understanding Hookup Culture (full length)

Or, Most Hated Family in America, (Fred Phelps church: God Hates Fags)