In class this week, we will be looking at the ways in which family life is altered by imprisonment of a parent. We will watch a short clip from the documentary, War on the Family. Then we will turn to the article in our textbook, “Prisoners’ Families and Children,” (519-536). What were the main points of this article for our blog posting, #11? Find related information to your chapter section below:

All groups:

Find pictures that represent themes in your section of the chapter or other research assignment. During your presentation, show these images as you summarize the main arguments and statistics of your section. Come up with a few discussion questions for the class.

Group 1
The Family Profile of the Prisoner Population (p. 522-524)

Group 2
National prison statistics

Group 3
International prison statistics

Group 4
The Strain of Incarceration on Families (524-528)

Group 5
Parent-Child Relationships during Imprisonment (528-530)

Group 6
Family Contact during Imprisonment: Obstacles and Opportunities (531-533)