This week, we will be watching the documentary produced by Ricki Lake entitled The Business of Being Born. We will have mini-group research and presentations on both days. On Tuesday, groups 1-3 will present, and on Thursday, groups 4-6 will present.

Please look up information, links, and videos on the following topics. In class, you can present on your topic in creative and visual ways, which include creating a drawing on the white board that expresses your topic, staging a debate with two or three teams, presenting a mini-play, or leading a discussion with class based on discussion questions and/or conducting a survey and presenting results. Or else, your group can come up with another idea. The objective is to present the material in a fun and engaging manner, rather than a dull lecture based presentation.

Group 1: Definitions of terms, issues, and participants in home births

Group 2: Insurance coverage of home births both locally and nationally

Group 3: the legal status of mid-wives and doulas in the various states nationwide

Group 4: social attitudes towards home births

Group 5: statistics and information on home versus hospital births (mortality, outcomes, infections, lawsuits)

Group 6: How European and other countries differ in their approach to home and hospital births