This week, we will have guest speaker Brian Frank, a founding member of Lambda Family Circle joining us on Tuesday. He joined us to discuss gay parenting issues, as well as his own personal story of his family. He told us how he and his partner Steve met some twenty years ago, and that both of them had very different coming out processes. While Steve came out early in life; Brian came out in his late twenties, and his family never accepted his sexuality or partner. When they were first together, few avenues existed for the creation of GLBT families. However, in the past two decades, many different pathways to parenthood have developed: adoption, surrogacy, alternative insemination, transparenting, and polyamory. Brian and Steve became foster parents to several children before adopting Darius.

For Thursday, we are reading the excerpt from the textbook, Gay and Lesbian Families, p. 496-518. Please summarize both Brian Frank’s talk, as well as this article for blog response #7. Be sure to include links to additional information.