This Tuesday in class, we will be reading an article by Kathleen A. Bogle called “Hooking Up and Dating: A Comparison,” based on her book Hooking Up. Please summarize the main points of the article. Be sure to use MLA format for in-text citation (Bogle 23). For additional links, find related information on websites, YouTube videos, and be sure to write how they relate to the material. Please come to class with the book, prepared to discuss the article.

The Pill, a PBS documentary, discusses the importance of the pill for changing dating scripts since 1960. Before the invention of this birth control option, women were expected to avoid sex during dating, to get married young, and have numerous children that they were unable to pace. Since the advent of the pill and other birth control, women have more control of their reproductive options.

Turning to Kathleen A Bogle’s article, we first are faced with the ways in which dating and hooking up differ. First of all, dating is defined as taking place during this pre-pill era, in the 1940-1950s, when rigid gender roles were enforced. As an example of the many rules that were around during the dating era, contemporary April Beyer, a dating coach featured on CBS, chastises contemporary women for their aggressive behaviors on dates, but rather, women should allow men to take charge so that they will feel less threatened by women.

In this next video, we see a brief interview with the author Kathleen A. Bogle:

The Media Education Foundation has a video lecture entitled “Understanding Hookup Culture: What’s Really Happening on College Campuses,” (entire video) by Paula England, a professor of sociology at Stanford University.