In this segment of our course, we are looking at international adoption. See the prezi for the topics we will cover in class. We start out by watching the documentary “Wo Ai Ni, Mommy.” This documentary followed one Jewish American family from Long Island on their journey as they adopt a second daughter from China, Faith.

We also read one article from the Baby Markets anthology: “International Adoption: the Human Rights Issues,” by Elizabeth Bartholet. (This is our last reading of the course).

For your final blog posting #14, write about the main points in the article, the documentary, and further information you can find on international adoption. Select one of the following questions to answer as well:

1) What information can you find about international adoptions originating in other countries from different parts of the globe?

2) What major socio-political events have contributed to international adoption?

3) What are the psychological implications of international adoptions for the child, the family members, and the larger social circle?

4) What are some of the legal issues surrounding international adoption?

5) What are the different financial costs associated with international adoption?

6) What do adult adoptees say publicly about their experiences? Can you find organizations of adoptees that are making a statement about international adoption?