In this segment of our Sociology of the Family course, we will be discussing individuals and couples that are childfree by choice or by circumstance. We will read two chapters from the book Childfree and Loving It! by the author Nicki Defago: 1) “Freedom of Choice, and 2) “The Childfree Stigma.”

For our blog posting #13, please provide a summary of the main points of the articles and cite in MLA format. Include a link to a relevant source on childfree couples and individuals.

In class, group 4 will provide an overview of the assigned readings and other outside information. We will also get into our regular groups for an activity.

Groups 1 & 2 will be assigned to chapter 1 “Freedom of Choice.”
Groups 3 & 5 will be assigned to chapter 2 “The Childfree Stigma.”

Groups can select one manner of presenting the assigned material and outside material on their assigned chapter that has not been selected by the other group.

Manner of presenting materials include:
1) You can take the main themes and quotes from the assigned chapter and act them out like a play, with different characters and scenarios.
2) You can take the material and create a two-sided debate, with two teams arguing two opposing sides, using evidence from the textbook and beyond to reinforce your group arguments.
3) Your group can take the material and draw a representative picture of the main themes in the chapter upon the whiteboard, which you would present to the class.

Further reading

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