On Thursday, March 3rd, we will have two guest speakers from Unity House New York joining our class, Katie Lodico and Jessica. They will overview basic issues of domestic violence that are effecting our communities.

We also were assigned chapter 30 in the Coontz reader, “A Black Feminist Reflection on the Antiviolence Movement,” (418-421), Beth Richie provides a critique of the narrative that centralizes the victim as a white and middle-class woman, overlooking issues important to women of color.While feminist activism against interpersonal violence has been successful in some ways, such as bringing awareness to the issue; the movement has also not been responsive to the particular needs and issues of women of color. The movement has over-relied on police protection as a response; which could disproportionately harm communities of color, already overwhelmed with an oppressive police presence, brutality, and over-arrest. Richie challenges the antiviolence movement to utilize a truly intersectional analysis and provide a more complex and contextualized perspective on all women, not just white and middle class women.

Provide an overview of the main points of our guest speakers as well as this short article. Please also find a link to information about domestic violence, especially focusing on issues of interlinking race, class, sexual orientation and gender dynamics.